Ramon Gallegos Teacher

The session will especially remember with great pleasure, for landing the concepts that are sometimes made me hard, with such simplicity and joy that surprised me was that of Lety will pass, it was like playing and inadvertently landing concepts and ideas. Put into practice what we had read and all in game and above all love .. The joy of Lety, thoroughness and love of my Teacher Ramon Gallegos, education and enjoyment of the classes of John, the depth of my teacher Ofelia, the I will remember forever. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. Each of the teachers, but do not mention at this stage everybody, I left something important and significant, a bit of them was me. As for the group, ….

What a surprise me to see the change in peer !…., especially engineers, contacted his soul and was an amazing transformation. I think it really changed their view in your life, That is skill! … .. I thought, Ramon Gallegos guide knows them, are required, tighten them guidance and sometimes has that sixth sense of the speaker , that sense that the teacher needs to encourage students to make that leap that sometimes paralyzes him. Hear from experts in the field like Richard Linklater for a more varied view. Do I have to learn constantly tell me, sometimes I think I started these studies later, but then I answer: everything is perfect, so far I have touched me and until my dying day to keep learning. As I told the teachers of SEP in the area that falls to me, “the teacher should be learning from birth to death” if we understand this, we will not need much pressure sometimes unsuccessful because the authorities.