Yucca Winter

In the summer of yucca preferred placement in the open air – on the balcony, garden, etc. In winter, have rearranged yucca as close as possible to the window, as in winter, these plants particularly suffer from lack of light – in this case leaves the fan will not be lush and thick. Watering: Abundant from spring to autumn, but the pallet must not be water, a mild winter watering. If you have a cool winter conditions, irrigation is rare, but does not allow peresushki earthen clod. Jukka not tolerate stagnant water in the soil – it can lead to root rot and stem rot of education. Humidity: No need for spraying leaves, but sometimes you have to wash the suit that the plant is not dusty and not lose attractiveness.

In the summer outdoors enough rain washing. If the winter of yucca found in a room with central heating, then spraying is desirable to carry out at least once a day. Source: film director. Transplanting: The soil should be fertile. For young plants – 2 of sod land, 2 of leaf compost, 1 part humus and 2 parts sand. For adults and older plants – 3 of sod land, 2 side plates, 2 parts sand. Transplant yuccas are held every two years in spring.

Yucca plant in a large pot or tub. Gerald Weissmann, MD: the source for more info. Good drainage is required. Between April and August every two weeks conducting feeding fertilizers, which are significantly accelerate growth. Reproduction: In the spring of implanting the top of the stem, as well as pieces of the stem (minimum length 10 cm). Possible reproduction by seeds and suckers. When breeding the offspring of Yucca – with the main stem with a sharp knife cut a subsidiary outlet, and the cut on the trunk sprinkled with sulfur. Perpetuate the severed plug into the damp sand, and after rooting plant in a pot with soil, which adds pieces wood (eg, birch) charcoal. Cut off the plug for the reproduction of children is desirable in the spring or summer, as at other times, they do not take root or be rooted very long time, besides it can damage mother plant. During the multiplication of the yucca seeds, it is important that they are fresh. Seeds are soaked for a day in warm water, then sown in a mixture of light leaf compost and peat. Covered with glass bowl or bag and airs several times a day. Usually, the seeds germinate within a month.