Rock Band Special

Today, behind the scenes program trl Rock Band Special, we squeezed into a very small room together with musicians from Angels and Airwaves. Owing to the small space we have a chance to be closer to the ava frontman Tom DeLong. We talked about the new album ava, Tom addiction to painkillers, and his relationship with his former partners in the group Blink 182. Buzzworthy: Tell us about your documentary, Start The Machine? Tom: We just finished shooting the film and sent it to the film festival Sundance. This odyssey, and we working on it for 2 years. Start The Machine began acting when we were recording our first album. I broke his spine several years ago and hooked on painkillers, so when recorded wdntw all this mean to me and I said, these crazy things in the press and caused a hot debate. Buzzworthy: Due to the fact that you say? Tom: Yes, because I came in and said the group had the second coming of Christ. One of the funniest lines in the film, when I say: If God will descend on earth, I sincerely believe that this event will not be greater our new album.

“Laughs Buzzworthy: Now it all behind? Tom: Yes, behind. But Start The Machine show much light on the importance of our group on that is what we are trying to achieve and how it relates with the death of Blink 182. Buzzworthy: Speaking of Blink, you’re talking with Mark and Travis from the moment of rupture? Tom: No, I did not. Is not it strange? Must be given time. We have more than ten years they were together. Buzzworthy: What is your favorite song from I-Empire? Tom: Lifeline. This song was The first one I sang without any means of containing alcohol. Buzzworthy: Really? Tom: Yes, the first time in 4 or 5 years. This song is about how God finds you. When I grew up in my life was a lot of religious things, such as the Psalter of the traces in the sand. In general this song is that God is watching us and says, I’ll drop you, here’s your lifeline. It’s cool. Buzzworthy: What else makes this album special? Tom: If people like the album, I want them to find some hill overlooking the city nearby, stopped the car, lay on the hood, including music at night and pretend that the whole city below belongs only to them. Buzzworthy: Do you do it? Tom: Yes. Each day, making the album, especially imagining in my head.