Stimulus Instead

Reactive model: Response = Stimulus Instead, proactive are able to break that model because they have inner freedom, ie they have the ability to choose how to react to certain situations and can thus make more prudent. PROACTIVE MODEL: Stimulus = / Feedback How did you do it? When you encounter a difficult situation, made a pause (in the same way as pause a movie or a game), and use the four tools that everyone is born: Self-knowledge, turns away from yourself and observe your thoughts and actions . Details can be found by clicking Gina Bonati or emailing the administrator. Conscience can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Imagination; provides new possibilities and potential consequences. Independent will, has the power to choose the best alternative. The longer the exercise, more proactive we become.

They can be applied in any situation, when they talk bad about us behind our backs when we crash the car, when we take something that both want, or simply we lose or break something. Thus, not only tackle the problems of how best to positively influence people by encouraging them to repair the damage, but also avoid bad consequences that harm us further, that hurt the people we love, they destroy our relationships, to spoil our future, and so on. As I said, being proactive will give us greater control over our lives, that does not mean that we can control what happens to us, as there are things that are not available to us or that we had not planned to happen. However, we can control how we react to what happens to us, so we must stop wasting energy worrying about what we can not control or do not have, and concentrate on what we think we can change. For example, to be better student, be a better professional, dealer be better, be better friend, be a better father, be a better son, be a better husband, etc. Finally, I want to make some practical suggestions to be proactive.

And do not worry, we can start from small acts, repeated, they become habits. Make yourself a promise and keep it. Pay attention to the words you say in the day, it records how many times you use the language reagent, and next time tries to change it. Identifies a situation that you have to face in the future and to encounter that you always behave reactively, analyze why you're doing and try to be proactive to the situation. Do something you always wanted to do but never dared. (Get on a roller coaster, invite someone to come out, starting a new business etc.) If you're angry with someone, be the first to apologize. Identify something that you always worry and you can not do anything about it, and forget about it. Press the pause button at any disadvantage. Set goals for the short, medium or long term, and stick to it. "As a defenseless city without walls is he who can not control himself." – Proverbs 25:28 BLOG OF BUSINESS AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:.