When Sebastian lost kindergarten, his mother was the least surprised, since it was she who made the tasks of his son while he watched television and played at home.This is one of the biggest mistakes parents make: think that help is to do tasks by children.According to Rosa Julia Guzman, Director of master of pedagogy of the University of la Sabana, most importantly accompany the child at the time of that activity and guide him when he needs it.First and foremost, it is essential to know that when they are younger than 5 years, only children should have tasks that need 15 minutes of dedication, since this is your maximum time of concentration.In this case, rather than thinking in that it will do so, parents should review it what weaknesses has the youngest, so that, with the help of the teachers, it can improve.These little ones need to create a few study habits, and what better that doing so through the accompaniment, enthusiasm, love of study and learning. If it is made from early age, the infant will learn about discipline and responsibility.And it is that those should be some objectives of the tasks at home, that children learn values, which will help them cope with their future studies.For this reason, teach them to be ordained, to have a certain time of study, a time of rest and a suitable place away from the TV will be key in the process of adaptation in school.Because that is what makes these small tasks of paint, cut and draw: prepare the small that soon will become a preschool.When already children entering primary, parents must be more pending their children and, every day, before going to bed, notebooks review together, accomplish the tasks and review as seen in class.Therefore, give confidence to his son. Explain that you believe that he can only, but that you want to accompany him. Credit: American filmmaker-2011. Allow, through tasks, you create a greater family connection.Tasks for the Padresdigale the child who never hide a task, I always You must have time to do it.The small must never receive awards by making activities, is a liability.Never punish your child for a bad note. Helping you improve.Tasks that a child should do according to his rich sofia edadAura, medical specialist in child development, explains the activities for children.Before age 2, children should not have school commitments, but activities where learning is immersed in the game: scratch, RIP, paint, draw.

In addition to crawl, run and jump. Additional information is available at Richard Linklater. Recommended, for their games, clays and sand materials.After 4 years they recognize concepts of color, shape, size, and they can do activities with lotteries, simple puzzles and dominoes.5 Years have new skills, primarily in the language, which allows them to perform tasks more bold and more time working.Estimuleloel reinforcement of tasks at home will allow your child a best school learning. Congratulate you for the effort and no result.Atencionsi the tasks of his son become a tragedy, inquire, no scolding, what is happening. Do not let this move forward..