Certificate Course

Continuing education for engineers and scientists Saarbrucken, 15.07.2013 – can extend to a BionikPLUS engineers and natural scientists soon their competencies. The htw saar and the FH Kaiserslautern offer 2013/2014 the certificate studies of bionics, subtitled construction, materials, design starting in the winter semester. What is Biomimetics, what can bionics? Bionics is a method of interface between biology and technology. You systematically considered functional and construction principles of nature and transmits them in technical product developments. The conventional approach in engineering combined with principles of nature, this can be very rewarding, create innovations, show potential savings and increase the efficiency of the entire development process.

Prominent examples include the winglets on aircraft wings, which reduce wind Vortex on aircraft surfaces and therefore reduce fuel consumption or lightweight components, based on the design principles of trees and mammal bones, confirm these benefits. The Bionics and the success of the Bionics is a promising method of development. Enterprises should be made with these methods and Umsetzungsmoglichkeitenbekannt and learn their value”, says Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber. He is Dean of the Faculty of engineering at the htw saar and first Chairman of the bionic engineering network (BEN) the continuing education certificate originated e.

V., on whose initiative. Hans-Joachim Weber is also head of the VDI Arbeitskreis bionics and medical technology in the Saar District Association. The already mentioned BionikPLUS is not only the individual candidates. Companies can build the bionics competence in their own House by the certificate. You have the option of their engineers continue to qualify experienced professionals or the and thereby gain a market advantage. Interested in? Now prospective students to participate can register. The end of application for the 2013/2014 Winter semester is the 27.09.2013. The events are at the htw campus in old Saarbrucken and on campus University of applied sciences Kaiserslautern, held at the site of Zweibrucken. For more information about the admission requirements and application, the timing of the study and the individual modules are to find on the following Internet page? page_id = 1082. The course is developed step by step, so that the actors soon can build an accredited master’s degree on him after the start-up phase. More information: content and structure of the course: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Weber Tel: 0681/58 67-908 E-Mail: registration and applicants Administration: Institute of scientific training of the HTW of Saarland Goebenstrasse 40 66117 Saarbrucken telephone: (0681) 58 67-137 fax: (0681) 58 67-659 email: Saarbrucken, 15.07.