Teaching Literature

Manifest literature, through the fiction and of the fancy, one to know on the world and offers to the reader a standard to interpret it. With effect, it of the account of a task that is come back toward all the culture it of knowledge of the world and the being literature, over all in the vision of the interviewed professors, evaluating as the professors sees the literature and the importance that attribute it. Words keys: research, literature and education. Literature is without a doubt the main source of knowledge, where the same one provides to the reader a world vision. Literature as plurissignificativo text that is states diverse interpretations, as well as some functions, being one of them to develop the critical side of the pupils, so that the same ones learn to display its opinions and to argue them, being become capable to ahead play a critical and independent role of the literary texts.

Thus the school is the place where the pupil starts to develop practical the literary one, being the professor the mediator between the pupil and the literary text. Therefore the school together with educators, needs to create methodologies, in order to awake in the learning the taste for reading, taking them it the improvement of its reading abilities. The present work has as main approach to evaluate the teaching vision on the functions of literature, as well as verifying the methodology and the didactic resources used by the professor in classroom, with intention to detect the problems that affect the performance of the learning, beyond emphasizing the importance that the literary text exerts on the formation of the same ones, thus carrying through a study on the teach-learning, related literature, counting for this with the aid of some theoreticians, as: Cndido, Buzem.