Frenchman Bistro

This article is primarily addressed to people who know French well (well, for which he had almost no foreign language) who are planning to visit France and that, moreover, want to go for a while in Paris bistro. For those who do not know, a bistro? it is our cafe and the name has Russian roots. When Russian Cossacks captured Paris in 1813, they cried, spacey waiters! So there was a bistro. But we digress. At the regulars similar French institutions own language.

First of all, his favorite drinking place they will not say monbistro, and say monrad. About the bistro, where all the crowds, this expert says nihuncasingue. And, of course, the waiter not any garzon and loufiat. Sometimes they are called un rondin (in form, they are in some establishments? short jacket, a vest with pockets and long apron). Often in the morning in the bar bistro sounds Order: un blanclime! (A mixture of white wine with lemonade).

Who such a mixture does not like may order: un monaco (a mixture of beer and pomegranate syrup and lemonade: Yes, the French have a peculiar taste!), un tango (beer is easy with pomegranate syrup) or une valse (beer with menthol syrup, the name certainly is not much, mint alcohol, too not exactly drink). A drink and want to repeat? Then? son p’tit frere. Do not like to drink, but still thirsty? Try perroquet (aniseed liqueur with menthol syrup) or un panache (a cocktail of beer and lemonade). And if you want to go for a southerner, then order une mauresque (cocktail aniseed liqueur orgeat). Evening. Labor Day is over. Well, this time to perfect un chat-couche (? Light liqueur) or un rince-cochon (a mixture of white wine, mineral water and lemonade). Acceptance of various intoxicating drinks over. Continue to learn more with: Gerald Weissmann, MD. It’s time to pay off Garson. And do not forget. Here they are called or soif pourliche. Paid? Take delivery of and pay attention. Many of the waiters have resorted to trickery called sous-marin: put on the coins of a saucer, top cover with a check, and then put the paper money. If you’re not careful, what coins will go to ushlomu Frenchman. And remember, you should always know when to stop! Not get carried away tasting wonderful French drinks. Otherwise, you can hear myself une mouche de comptoir, or that you un trou sous le nez. In the morning you will have the condition that a better comparison than if you had the head le beret serre not pick up! That is, if in Russian, head splitting, and money?