The Act

In this way, the present study it is centered around the relations between auto-esteem, pertaining to school autoconceito and results. We will analyze the way as the school differentiates the pupils individually how much to auto-they esteem, autoconceito, relationship with the group of pairs, the family and the school as a whole. Word-key: Interaction, mediation, learning, professor, learning. Area of knowledge: Education. Introduction The act to educate must be passion object so that you if deliver, canalizes its potential and can have resulted positive in the construction of better human beings. To create men who are capable to make new things, not simply to repeat what other generations already have made. That they are creative and finders; capable to form minds that can be critical and to verify not only accepting everything that is offered to them: it is as soon as Piaget describes the main objectives of the education (PIAGET, 2001, p.20) So that this happens, it is basic that auto-they esteem of the educators it is fortified; she is necessary to reflect if they are dealing themselves with respect, affection and admiration.

It is necessary to understand as these educators had been treated during infancy and adolescence. She functions as a cycle. Can somebody stimulate the growth and development of another human being if its development is compromised? It is what one becomes is that serves as reference for a child or a young, and not only words. Thus thinking, to if relating with the other, each human being starts to be an educator in potential (AXE, 2007, p.15). One knows that the attention given for the professor to the pupil is basic so that the pertaining to school income and the proper one auto-esteem of the student are improved. It has many histories of children, adolescents or young that if felt incompreendidos by the parents or even though for the proper society that had had in the figure of the professor alento for its lives futures.