The Essence

But on this there is throughout a metaphysics esthetica, due to the nature of this writing, we’ll let the subtleties to another place. Here, such as approach, I can not say that the Esthetica party, as something basic, a clear difference between what he considers the essence – what is really on the one hand – and, on the other, the existential. The existence is what we see but mere appearance, a mirage of the reality of Fund, which is what you don’t see, although it is what gives us the be. What has been called rialidad (in rio, as a symbol of incessant, front of the ephemeral nature of the visible reality). Talking about the concrete man, to bring me closer to all type of reader, I must say that, according to our Esthetica, at the time that human beings we call birth, begins our individuation and own biography and sense of being in the background, the existence, what we call our existence, is now an exile. A deferred and derivative space-time which is, without time or space, OMNIPANDIMENSIONAL, because integrity is already all dimensional. From the moment of birth, leave, said reductively, the reality of the invisible and enter into the mirage of the visible, though still remains in the us that light of the rialidad Fund, which is us. It is what we call more markedly the Sinderesisesto, if we know what to see, what manifests itself in the innocence of a child’s smile.

Perhaps, as I said recently, most beautiful that there are many beautiful things. The boy, in his finest years, is a dreamer, a believer and tends to be very faithful to her being. It retains the vestiges of the light, live fire from which originates, still flashing. But, right away, aimed at awareness and wakefulness faculties, and the mania of wanting to wake adults – what we call prepare for life and, what is worse, education – are producing the first disappointments.