The Level

During all the process of visits it was shown to the pupils and also to the professors who stop the conviviality in society is necessary the domain of the reading and the writing, because it is through such abilities that we communicate in them and we have access the diverse types of information, expression and argument of our ideas, has vises of world and produces knowledge. The responsibility will go to depend in the letramento degree of the communities where the pupils live, the level of the pupil must be considered, or what they already know. Therefore, the school could develop abilities techniques in the pupils, as, for example, to interpret different literal sorts, that circulate socially, to assume the word, and, as member of a society scholar to produce texts varied and efficient in some situations of the daily one, also and census of research and study in the professors, who would go developed abilities to evaluate the level of the pupil. To together understand better the process of reading and writing with the pedagogical team, professors and in even analyze of my proper one practise in an agricultural school, PCNs had been according to appraised language, language and text: The language is a form of interindividual action guided by a specific purpose; an interlocution process that if carries through in practical social the existing ones in the different groups of a society, at the distinct moments of its history. The language is historical and social a system of signs that makes possible the man to mean the world and the reality. Thus, to learn it is to learn not alone the words, but also its cultural meanings e, with them, the ways for which the people of its social environment understand and interpret the same reality and itself (BRAZIL, 1996, p.24). A text alone is a text when it can be understood as global significant unit, when it possesss textualidade. .