Written Thought

In case that contrary, it does not pass of one accumulated random one of enunciated (BRAZIL, 1996, p.25). To construct a text the use of signs is necessary (letters) that they are changedded into words, therefore we know that the relation thought and language is a process in movement continues of go-and-comes of the thought for the word and vice versa. The thought passes for many transformations ties if to become speaks. The expression is not alone that it finds in says, finds its reality and its form. In the interacionista conception it is in the way that the citizen receives the necessary requirements for construction from the knowledge and the psychological development. He was proven that the interaction is a process continues in which each participant of the recria social group and makes its proper reading of the information, concepts and meanings. Being thus, we can say that the language is not only one characteristic that defines the man of the other animals, and, yes, that it is constituted not of same it, but also of the citizens.

In our daily one we act of different forms with the language, for the language and through the language. different languages are followed by different actions and forms of thoughts (verbal, corporal, gestual, audiovisual, tactile language, writing), being that it is the written language that establishes the bridge between the citizen and the other knowledge and languages. The written language made and is part of our reality as social beings. Through the activities written and express of verbal form for the pupils it could be analyzed that we live surrounded of graphical materials, that the objective has to inform, to convince, to communicate, ideas and feelings. It observes if that exactly the ones that they do not know to read and to write are surrounded of texts printed matters. The contacts with the world had made to scholar to perceive them characteristics and functions of the texts beyond everything, the linguistic and visual characteristics (types of letters, special organization, presence of images and numbers).