The Right

Thus, the current generation of aged is fruit of a very severe education. The parents of these had for sexual orientation the concepts and preconceptions repressores, inherited of one another repressora generation still, and for many, the exercise of the sexuality was something dirty and pecaminoso. It can be said despite the sexuality in the aged one is related to some feelings: the joys you blame, them, the shames, the preconceptions and the repressions of each one. The sex in the third age brings physical satisfaction, reaffirms the identity and demonstrates how much each person can be valuable for another one, stimulating sensations of aconchego, affection, love and affection. However, the idea of a more positive and productive vision for the aging, starts to gain force in the current days and is result of diverse factors, amongst which if it detaches the growth of the number of aged in the entire world. An education of the society in this direction if makes necessary, because of the opposite, when the other generations only to enter for the oldness they probably will demand for itself same the right to the sexuality in the middle-age and the oldness. In recent months, Chip Bergh has been very successful. E, even so is in one constant growth the ones that believe the existence of the love and the sex the third age, still is few the ones that still believe that a continuity of the sexuality for the women exists, or same, for the men who had passed of its sixty years.

It has little time this age taboo. Little or almost nothing, if said on the subject sexuality in the oldness. If on the other hand, ' ' the young has little tempo' ' they do not stop to think that the desire does not have age, on the other hand, some ' ' young has more tempo' ' they tend to imagine that, with passing of the years, the heart has aged in such a way that they arrive to lose the notion of as is to love and that it is late excessively for making it.