The Search

Being thus to if carrying through the ambient education the social representations of the citizens must be identified being able to be gotten by studies of ambient perception. However the ambient perception is the basic stage to become fullfilled any posterior activity in ambient education. From the perceptions internalizadas in each individual the attitude change can be searched that is one of the main objectives of the ambient education for the sustainable societies. The ambient perception as cites Marin, Oliveira and Comar, (2003) shows that the perception in the search of the understanding of the reality cannot be only for the racionalistas ways only based in conceptual characteristics. It has that to have the notion of that it exists the permanent risk of if carrying through a simplista apprehension of the percipient phenomenon that will be able to take the researcher to a reducionista agreement of the phenomena. Tuan (1980) it invokes the topofilia concept, for the ambient subject understanding the attraction of the human being for essentially paisagsticos physical aspects when observing an environment, but the citizen alone if surpasses sensorially for the fancy, imagination and temporality when perceiving really the world that the fence. Hoeffel and Fadini (2007) appraise ambient perception as a process or activity involving organism and environment, being influenced by the agencies of the directions, that is, as sensation or cognition.

Pacheco and Silva (2006) had formulated critical epistemolgicas to the concept of ambient perception, questioning if, in fact, the research with this approach is valid instruments for the understanding of studied citizens. Cerne of the concern of the authors if relates with the possibilities of the choice of metodolgicas options that can assume underlying ideological commitments. They understand that ambient perception is a scientific representation e, as such, can inlay ideologies of its researchers. From the perceptions internalizadas in each individual the change of attitudes can be searched, that is one of the main objectives of the ambient education for sustainable societies.