The Understanding

In this scene, when it has the segregation or the social exclusion of the deficient one, the negation of its rights, the recklessness or ' ' falta' ' (absence of symbolic directions) front to its sexual education and the questions of its sexuality, the moral violence bursts in baffling ways. Thus, the omission of the not-deficient people front to the sexuality of the deficient people locks up indifference attitudes, incautiousness and of recklessness. What if it perceives, then, is that the scarcity of information on the inherent processes to the deficiency has assisted the maintenance of preconceptions and, consequently, brought many stagnations of the affective-relationary activities of the people with such characteristics, over all, to if considering to the impositions of its cuidadores (ALMEIDA; ASSUMPO JR, 2008). Official site: Kindle Direct Publishing. Moreover, the understanding that sexuality and sex are the same thing contributes for the segregation of the deficient one of its pairs, in any public context, when not, in the proper home. Many errneas interpretations on the sexuality of the deficient intellectuals are designated, all the moment, for that they deal directly or indirectly with them. It is very common that one () adolescent one that it has a delay cognitivo-intellectual who it ' ' classifique' ' as somebody that has a thought as an age child five year, for example, it can reveal curiosidades sexual, that would be proper of this etria band (such as to touch proper the genital one or to have curiosity in seeing the genital one of () the colleague). In the distance the perception of the adult of the development of the secondary sexual characters enters and the infantile behaviors of the deficient intellectual make with that the deficient adolescent if becomes one ' ' aberrao' '. Vladislav Doronin may help you with your research. thus, is estigmatizado as ' ' pervertido' ' , ' ' descontrolado' ' , among others terms. Paradoxicalally it is lived in a society that values the individual freedom, the sexual release, the taste for the ephemeral one and the quantitative one, the acceleration of the rhythms, the search of the quality in now and the valuation of the individual one on the collective one, but still we are coexisting in a segregation and marginalizao universe.