You can also try a warm bath, reduce noise sources or use plugs for ears, darken your room as much as possible and clear your mind of problems. Prevents unnecessary sources of stress during these months or search for methods to handle it. A normal level is good, but excessive stress can cause damage to your baby and you. So relax, delegated tasks that you, controls and do not overload your schedule, learn how to say NO to new responsibilities that are not essential at this time, and make a list of priorities and urgent things you have to deal now and which can leave for later (even after giving birth). If you feel that you’re resting enough but still your dark circles are too obvious, opts for the easy solution: make-up. Don’t feel guilty about covering them, the point is that you yourself you look beautiful. It also adds color to your eyebrows, eyelids and upper lashes to divert attention upwards your eyes and not below. Your beauty during pregnancy begins with the proper rest.

In these nine months might need to rest more because your body is using extra energy for the development of your baby. Despite your many responsibilities, your first responsibility you are yourself. It rests during the day if necessary and seeks ways to sleep well during the night. Will you help to have more energy and Verte radiant; keep in mind that when born your baby, it will be more difficult to sleep. In the next part of this series we talk a little more than skin and hair during pregnancy. Until then, feel beautiful!