Live Handling Emotions

KNOW living driving LAS EMOTIONS Carlos Mora Vanegas many successes, and failures have already experienced through our live, more, in dynamic environments, where is manifested every day that emotions froze, that depending on how we are prepared to do so, we will obtain results that we favor or affect us. It is important at the age that you have to read this writing, stops to think how he has been driving, ruling their emotions or they have done for you. Surprisingly inattentive in the handling of our emotions could have led to situations left determining footprints in our conduct, behavior, personality, security, looking for a way as we recover and reach those levels of harmony, happiness, accomplishment that we have rights. About the experiences that generates the delve into the handling of the emotions, he has been written in abundance, however many have not paid you the attention required couple take advantage of this attention. Precisely on this topic, the Mental education of Argentina school, us contributes, this society of good manners and social control have made us real robots of appearances. The University of Malaga the doctors Fernandez Berrocal and Extremera addressed emotional intelligence as the (essential) of persons ability to respond and perceive the feelings in appropriate and precise way, the capacity to assimilate them and understand them properly and skills to regulate and change our State of mind or of others. Emotional intelligence includes four components: perception and emotional expression.

It is recognizing consciously what emotions we have, identify what we feel and be able to verbalize them. A good perception means knowing interpret our feelings and live properly, allowing us to be more prepared for control and not let ourselves be dragged down by impulses. Emotional facilitation, or ability to produce feelings that accompany our thoughts. If emotions are put at the service of thinking help us take better decisions and thinking smarter. .