Vladimir Golyakhovsky

Having completed a battery of studies, Bondarenko removed some electrodes settled in its body, rubbing the place with a cotton absorbed in alcohol. Negligently it launched the full acorns of alcohol cotton in given direction and them they had fallen on an electric plate. Had to this a fire burst in the interior of the small chamber. What more it propitiated the fire was the internal atmosphere of the chamber, composed of pure oxygen under high pressure. The suit of Bondarenko was set on fire immediately, without it nothing could make to aplacar the violence of the flames. Some doctors and technician immediately they had tried to remove Bondarenko of the chamber. However, due to pressure difference the hatchway of the same one took half hour more than to be opened. When the hatchway finally was opened, the crash crew noticed horrified that Bondarenko for the most part suffers burnings from the body. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Astros Owner Wife on most websites.

The cosmonaut was taken to the hospital next with the biggest urgency. The first doctor took care of who it, Dr. Vladimir Golyakhovsky, would remember years later, in 1984, that when trying to apply a intravenosa injection in Bondarenko, the only part of the body of the cosmonaut who allowed the introduction of a needle in some sanguineous vase was the sole of its feet. This area was unbroken, therefore the boots of Bondarenko had protected of the flames its feet. But the remain of the body of the cosmonaut terribly was burnt.

Still in accordance with the Dr. Golyakhovsky cosmonaut Iuri Gagarin passed some hours in the hospital to the side of the denounced colleague. Bondarenko came to falecer 16 hours after the misfortune, less than three weeks before the historical space flight of Gagarin (GREENE, 2008). Notice of the accident of Bondarenko and its consequent death in the occasion had not been published (APRIL, 1990).