Warren Buffet

In the past quarter, the fund called Greenlight Capital David Einhorn already had good positions in companies like Boston Scientific, Becton Dickinson, Eenergy Partners and Ralcorp Holdings. Of a total of 32 million shares, the only really significant were those of Boston Scientific. 3) Mohnish Pabrai: It is a true professional as far as money management and funds are concerned. This investor with experience in managing funds of more than 10 years fan of Warren Buffet has achieved consistent returns from 200 of 17% after taxes per year. In the past quarter Pabrai bought 2.8 million shares of the company CapitalSource, which is providing special credit. This is a strategy to study by Pabrai, and that was one of those was against investing in financial companies after the great financial crsis 2007.

This inverter also acquired stake in the company PotashCorp worth $ 39 million. 4) John Paulson: Having achieved a profit of 20 billion dollars from the housing crisis, we can say that John Paulson is one of the best investors and with more luck in history. The fund manager John Paulson was investigating last year's financial stocks and gold. Last quarter Paulson also bought 200 million shares of Citigroup and increased its stake in Bank of America. These two holdings which are now invested Paulson being worth 1.7 and 2.5 billion respectively.

5) Warren Buffet: We do not need any introduction to talk about the great Warren Buffet. His company Berkshire Hathaway's has not stopped research on individual companies. He invested in Becton Dickinson, Iron Mountain, Republic Services and Wal Mart along with Wells Fargo. Before you get too anxious need to know that the small holdings of Berkshire Hathaway as Becton and Iron Mountain are managed by the famous Lou Simpson, who incidentally also manages investment portfolios of the subsidiary GEICO's. Words of Caution What I want to say with words of care is that these investments do not take the best, but take them as mere starting points. Tickerspy.com can eocntrar all funds and investors in the world but this. This page called up Tickerspy is characterized by a pursuit of the most important investors in history. It is a good place to purchase shares may notice that Warren Buffet, Soros, Paulson, among others. Within the website you have an option to create your own portfolio and thus compete with the tycoons of investments. Within the search sector you can find both private funds and independent action. I recommend this pagjna so they can get ideas, investment research and study the various hedge managers. All you have to do to access a user's password to be created and already have access to everything.