What are Your Goals

Forgiveness is too important. You will not move forward unless you forgive and ames, declares forgiveness if affect you, declare it in you high before God and decides to forgive. If does not make it God You will have a limit to help you, that is your decision. Sorry to advance, free your heart of entire ligature. Do not stay on the offense. And don’t give too much time of your life to people who has no intention of improving, not ponds you with them. Wisely planned once you have clear the previous points, it is time to pencil and paper.

Get the agenda, writing your goals on paper. But it must be laid down in written form where you’ll direct your steps. Translate in writing is to let sitting a document. It is the first connection from the spiritual to the material world. You can think, want and talk, but writing is the first concrete step. Then set goals for the short term. To climb a ladder we can not reach a jump to the other end. Nor climb the tripping, if you want to reach the goal, the most safe and normal is go step by step.

This avoids you the anxiety and the false expectations. God gave us wisdom for work and planning and in life you have to take many small steps. If you look back and you see that you arrived at something is because you gave many steps before. The same thing must continue. Slightly more than growth, then another little more and thus arrive at the goal. Think that you have to do to make another step and put it as a goal, then it works in faith (acting by faith) works and work tirelessly and can cross it that door open, and once you reach Ponte a bigger and more challenging goal.