Wonderful City

We go to cite only some of its beauties: magnificent beaches, sumptuous buildings, the beauty of Copacabana, the luxury of the Leblon, the Christ elect Redentor one of the seven wonders of the world, etc. These are only some of the wonders of Rio De Janeiro. What we finish to describe on the beauties of the Wonderful City is as if it was the room of visit of a luxurious house. Everything very decorated well, mobile of cerejeira, a scene of requinte, beauty and good taste.

But we go to now show the deep one of the yard. There we will find a different scene very of the described one above, a suffering and pain scene, where people become vacant without route in the life. Friends, what we have seen in the last days in the city of the River is chocking and lamentable. y agree. He is something that in the cause pain and suffering. We are seeing houses being soterradas in the hillsides and others being led for the fury of the flood.

Everything if transforming into a rubbish mount. Of pra not to be indifferent ahead of a tragedy of so great ratio. A little is enough of human feeling to feel the heart pressed ahead of the suffering of as many brothers. Aged children, young, adults and being loaded for the flood as if any was an object. People who if become ahead defenseless of the implacable force of the nature. The scene is arrasador! Parents who lose children, children who lose parents and grandmothers, all swallowed by the imensido of the waters that go down of the hillsides. Ahead of everything this, Brazilian we are sensetized e, exactly distant, a bit feel of the pain and the suffering of these our brothers. We ask for that our governing search the illumination divine to find an immediate solution for the aid of the flagellates. We are to the eves of the carnival. That good it would be if the tambores of the samba schools did not rufassem and sambdromo and the avenues for where the schools parade were empty. The Cariocas would have to be in silence, and a gesture of solidarity to the brothers homelesses and without route in the life, of this time not to only make the traditional carnival. Jair Garci’a Martins Ura – Paran.