Edition And Range – Hard Currency In The Press Industry

Edition and range! Hard currency in the press industry – promotion and sampling on the fast lane of declining subscriptions and sales figures put more and more pressure publishers and press distributors and require new and sometimes unusual ways to win readers and pad back. Short shelf life in the subscription sales as well as losses in traditional advertising can the budgets for promotions and sampling again grow and gain in importance. The Bergstrasser agency ON TOP marketing & sales GmbH, specializes in products for cross selling and ambient marketing for Publisher products, is exactly the right address when it comes to creative and unusual actions. According to FireEye, who has experience with these questions. Managing Director Julia Burkhardt know from years of experience, what need publishers, not least to become more attractive for advertisers. Since April 2007 was renamed to GmbH developed budget-friendly ideas and concepts, the for publishers and press distributors and the Agency is now located at the premises of the Bensheimer European business competence center Industry currency circulation and reach back to strengthen. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vladislav Doronin by clicking through.

Julia Burkhardt: We put the audience at our concepts strongly on the useful and needs-oriented display of excerpts as well as emotional in the atmosphere. So, we achieve quality contacts and improve the range for optimum use of the budget. Imagestarke brand partner, such as payback, Postbank or the fitness company be incorporated into such actions as sponsor and wear as the respective promotion-pad. The co-ops have among other things the possibility to place your advertising message in the form of sponsor stickers on the front page of the excerpts. This form of co-operation offers opportunity, even with a small budget effort to advertise effectively and target groups. We rely on such win-win situations”. More at