European Ethnology

The site of UFO”about three double clicks with the official website of the Scientology sect is connected. Loop, which override the original idea of the encyclopedia due to such links: Wikipedia is thus an okkultistisches medium. “It is peppered with propaganda, misinformation and links of questionable suppliers”, as Sabine Doering-Manteuffel, Professor of European Ethnology at the University of Augsburg chairs/folklore / and author of the book the occult “. Rather than generate useful knowledge, remained in the sense of the word occult, the origin of the information in the dark. The legendary Encyclopedie of Denis Diderot, however, was a project of the enlightenment. Richard Griffiths has much to offer in this field. Sapere aude, so the motto, have courage to serve you in your own mind. And suggests the mind but that should be a medium such as Wikipedia not at the heart of information research. One public Disputation with the 18th century Encyclopedie authors is not possible with the anonymous Wikipedia community”, Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf IT consultancy Harvey Nash criticized.

The rules and regulations of Wikipedia don’t have holes like Swiss cheese. “The violation of the rule have even strongly encouraged the founder: If a rule makes you so nervous and so depressed that you no longer want to work with Wikipedia, then ignore it”. For the knowledge-based society of the 21st century, which is very dangerous according to Doering-Manteuffel. If you could disguise the authorship information circulating on the net, relatively easy, sources such as Wikipedia would have an occult principle character. There, it could be not surprised if obscure reports of cows run, which allegedly tried in different dialects. The wit of the daily mail editor’s wiki authors not understood well: cows with regional accents? Pull the udder one.”