Gender Differences

There is popular opinion that young families must first receive the “nanny” and then “. But in real life is not always successful, despite all the modern methods of planning the sex of the child. Many couples in this issue to rely on fate – “as God wills.” Indeed, the sex of a child is not quite important, above all, it was a welcome baby. Go to Campbell Soup Co for more information. The classical concept of family means father, mother and 5 children. But today’s life made your changes, and became a regular option, when a family one-two children. Fathers are traditionally expected first-born son, to become the successor of the names and the whole family.

For mom the best gift is a girl because she would helper in the household, mother’s support in a sea of domestic troubles. Every woman is going through his first 9 months of waiting child chooses a name, collects the necessary “give” the baby. Often the mother and talks to his unborn child, he sings songs and tells stories, soothing words, when a child is a chur stir in the stomach from her mother. Her first child, I felt like a boy. As one team my whole family went classes at the university (my husband and I went to the same group on the same course).

Birth of a son is very pleased with her husband – as it turned out, he celebrated the event with friends while we were in the hospital. Second child, I wanted a girl. Natasha has chosen her name. But all my hopes were dashed when at the hospital, I heard my own distant voice: “Again the boy ” On walks in the yard often hear supporters to vote that I do not have a girl that her daughter closer to mom and sons will have time to give foreign women (ie, daughters-). But in reality it turned out that the two boys grow much easier than his son and daughter. First, the benefit of the material – the second son did not have to to spend money on buying clothes and shoes, because it all from getting any older brother. Secondly, the benefit of teaching – I had to equally educate children so they grow strong, courageous. And thirdly, in day 8 March, I got a real bunch of gifts from all my men. Difficulties, of course, was enough. But my boys have always wanted to help me – a bag from the store podnesut, sex podmetut no worse than girls. When the sons grew up, then learned to cook their own initiative – first sandwich, then eggs, and then to roast potatoes it came. A couple times a week dinner in our family deals with the eldest son (he is 14 years old), my husband come home already ready for anything. The house collapsed, everything went on as usual, when I was in the hospital. By my arrival, boys and cleaning in the apartment made yourself, and festive table covered themselves Here are my sons. It is not worse than daughter. Everything depends on education. I feel wonderful, surrounded by my 3 men: her husband and sons. And how do you feel about the question “Who is better – a son or daughter?