The Home

It is in the home, where the car government is developed and practiced, because it is in the family where the character of the human being forms; its ethics, its values, their sense of responsibility, its attachment to the citizen values, its commitment with the democratic ideals. In the home we learn to being citizen of first or citizen of second. The true civic moral and, the one that dreams up of inside towards outside; not the one that form of outside inwards, product of the external observance and the fear to the rigor of the laws, one dreams up in the home. The school, the church, the state and the community reinforce this process, but they cannot be a substitute than only the home it can provide. The home is the formation center, par excellence, of the human beings.

Neither the school, nor the university, nor no other educative center can replace the wealth, potentiality and versatility that the life in family provides. academic education (school, university, etc.) contributes the technical elements and of general culture, in terms of theories, models and methods, necessary for the performance in the work in our organizations, and for multiple directions in the life. Other instances of the society, like state and mass media, act to complement important weight in the formative process of the citizen futures; but it is the dynamics of the familiar life the one that leaves to the track under pressure the taxed stamp, with indelible characters, in the individuals, through maps, observed models, attitudes and behaviors and vivenciados, learning and codified throughout the life in family. The parents are the natural teachers par excellence and the home is the primal school by nature to train people functional, responsible for themselves, conscious of its needs and those of the other (when the family walks in form heals and functional), in the two meanings of the term: like natural and original context and the atmosphere more fundamental and distinctive.