No Colombian family can say, currently, does not suffer the serious problem of professionals there in all of them, at least, a person educated thousands of deprivation and efforts, in any public or private University, sacrificing, most of the times, the possibilities of progress or social advancement of his closest relatives, when not ruin them or impoverishing them significantlythen exit with its brand-new title of doctor or engineer or lawyer or dentist or economist or zootecnista or nurse or therapist or any other, to the labour market and meet with the sad reality of duty, necessarily, resorting to the mediocre or less prepared politician to ask a puestico in any public entity. The consequence? A terrible frustration not only of the new professional but of his entire family. Who is the blame for this situation? We have no doubt: all, but primarily the State and regional or local authorities. First, to put it in a simple way, because it has been unable to plan and direct educational policies conducive to a better distribution of students in different races; Secondly because it has been unable to schedule the appropriate distribution of practitioners in the geographic areas in where, according to conscientious studies, they could provide their services to the society and at the same time could reach any convenience economic and, lastly, because it has not had the slightest desire to assist, Fund or subsidize the graduate, not to buy a taxi if not for that have the possibility of exercising his career. It is no secret that the biggest problem of the graduate is no longer, as it does some years, the concentration of them in the large urban centres but, precisely, lack absolute or partial economic means to organize in your Office, establishment or private office, i.e., to devote himself to his practice. Where they are, thus, the obligations of the State with that social group?.