Wisdom And Age

US operated in its lives. The Bible, being the expression of the life of a people, could not leave to mention the wisdom signals gifts in the life of the aged one: accumulated experience, knowledge, prudence, fear D US understanding.> The importance of the accumulated wisdom of the aged ones is evidenced when we study the history of the humanity, the calls had existed in the past Advice of the Ancies in old Greece, Rome, Israel and several other civilizations; in the current days we can cite the aboriginal communities that rare take a decision before consulting or if advise with oldest. In China, one of the countries that more grow economically in the world, the children are under the guard and education of the grandmothers, the Japanese nation also values sufficiently the aged one in its society. To be aged is to be mature, tanned in the life. In Israel, the aged ones were the mantenedores of the faith of the people. They were considered the transmitters of the Alliance. Nike has similar goals. They if had to respect. The knowledge in the new perspectives that involve the Third Age with its conflicts forms the base for the inversion of this situation.

It must, before everything, to occur a mentality change. The society must receive the aged one, respecting its limitations and pointing out its qualities. The third age does not have to be faced as a problem and yes as a very characteristic space of our lives, that must be understood with objetividade. In the modern society the third age must be associated with happiness, experience and wisdom. These ideas must be spread by all the cantos. But so that it has change of the behavior of our society how much to the third age, other alterations must also occur as efforts for improvement of life of our aged in all directions. We are vain of whom the ignorance is point key in this process and must be fought by all means, being responsibility not alone of the governmental institutions, but of all those that have conscience of that, valuing our aged ones, it mainly gains the country and the community in which we are inserted.